Wednesday, January 19, 2011


I am finally posting something to my blog, aren't you proud!?! I don't know why it has taken me so long to set up a blog; I find that the only way to clear my mind is to write, or fish, but usually a pen and paper are more "at hand" than a river and a fly rod. So, up til now, my journal-ing has been done exclusively in an actual hardback journal, carefully hidden away so nobody else can read it. Now that my verbal vomit is online, I hope my thoughts make sense and that I don't sound like a fifteen-year-old girl who has found the "man of her dreams every five minutes"...Although I have found him (for real this time)- Adam and I have been married for almost six years now! It's hard to believe- time has gone by so fast! We have two wonderful babies: Clara (now 4) and Max (now 20 months), who I constantly call naughty, but really aren't :)
I love to read and write. I am at home with words, though when it comes to public speaking I feel illiterate. My articulation comes from an inner need to express myself as sophisticated and cool, a calm covering a storm. That is not to say, however, that I am in any way a fantastic writer. Maybe if I had more training, but for now writing is something of a hobby for me, a pleasant way to pass the time. It is the same idea with music. I am an absolute music junkie. I can't get enough of listening to it, or playing it, for that matter. I love teaching violin and viola for that reason; hopefully my students can glean from my passion (maybe obsessive tendencies), and begin a life-long love of music too. That sounds extremely nerdy, and it is, but it's who I am.
Another thing I can't get enough of is fishing. I am, by all accounts, a fair-weather fisherman, but I need it like nothing else. One week of fishing in Montana during the summer, and my entire year is less stressful. Miss that fishing, and you do not want to be around me come winter. There's something strangely special and extremely beautiful about watching a river. The water drowns out all other sounds, and leaves your mind clear. Nothing else matters but the next cast; laying your line perfectly so your fly lands silently above the hole. Actually catching fish is secondary. The FISHING is what is important. There's never enough time to fish.
So now you know a little about me, and my nerdy tendencies. Ta-da!